Thursday, July 12, 2007

fun and leadership challenges

today was very good day. lots of dynamic stuff happening and much diversity to keep everyone guessing. we found plenty of time to chill and talk about the "take back" from this excursion.

"the day also offered opportunties to understand the whole idea of serving in a new light. all 800 hundred of us were sent out to make a difference or "be the change" in orange county. to prep for that the students walked through four different stations...making 5000 pb&j sandwiches, sorting through a couple thousand pairs of shoes and understanding the living costs in third world countries. after lunch we were sent out with the adult leader being on the "driver" to do our assign task of collecting coins. it wasn't as easy as first imagine (silly no solicitation rules). the students had to organize our whole attack. the best i could do was ask some open ended questions to help direct their thoughts. by the end of the excursion, some 4.5 hours later they had gathered about $70...almost half their goal. which included a visit in a completly spanish speaking christian bookstore to attempting to find the same in the chinese section of town....and that all was by way of chic-a-filet. great team building and shaping/stretching taken place here. we celebrated the accomplishments of all with a pizzafest and then heard testimonies of how God showed up while folks were serving. the high light of the evening was a dialogue with doug fields from saddleback and 15 year old zach hunter from the loose change to loosen chains campaign. the purpose was two make us aware of the plight of slavery in a modern context and to help our students see that you can, as a teenager, change the world.


At July 13, 2007 at 3:54 AM , Blogger -=Kez=- said...

If you haven't read Zack Hunter's book, you should! By one for everyone in the youth group. Maybe the church! ;)


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