Monday, July 9, 2007

on the ground in california - the journey begins.

we've been here for about 12 hours. good stuff...but sort of bleary-eyed. woke about about 3:05 thanks to melinda and then finished packing the car and emmah and i headed south to l-town. met up with kaitlyn and stephanie and then waited on mitch. that's a story will save for later...maybe. anyhow got to the airport with just enough time to walk up the gangway and find our seats. of course we passed charles and christian on the way to our seats.

the trip went fast. hit the ground running. we grabbed our rental car and off we went to find some breakfast. we stopped at jack in the box...only because i've never eaten there and melinda worked there while in high school.

right now we're pulling together a mission outreach with a new friend at the director has been a friend via the internet and now we've met face to face. some good things to come from that for sure.

more in abit....stay tuned..



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