Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the best is yet to come

sitting here in the quiet of the hotel room at the end of day three. the guys are all asleep and i'm putting up some pictures from today's exploits. there are always many good stories from our adventures. my biggest moment came early this morning when during our warm-up session we had the 1st annual taco bell olympics. i'll post some view later...but we had crunch wrap discus tosses, taquitos tosses, and a few more that i'll save for use at //the.evolution. during the taquitos toss i actually got smacked in the head...and we we're like 19 rows from the front. very fun stuff.

we also got a chance to hear kay warren's passionate heart for the whole hiv/aids thing. she talked about being "gloriously ruined" for Christ.

there's more to be said, but pictures will have to suffice for now. blessings!



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