Monday, March 9, 2009

weekly wrapup 3.01.09

leave it to our kidz guy, jeff selph to take it up a notch while i was out at the #nymc in columubus last weekend. fun stuff. we had chatted about this game a while back so when the technology failled last weekend, jeff reached for his resourceful "selph" and made it happen. love it when things get taken up a notch or two. great memories! (pastor selph may want to see if he can use this game when he preaches at the end of the month on dirty jobs: poop cleaner)

need to give a big shout out to our big campus worship leader, jeremy gestner as he had to step in with a few moments notice to lead worship as the flu bug took our youth team out literally moments before game time.

kevin haggerty and karen brown walked the students through their personal stories of using the "habits" we've been talking about to grow in their spiritual journey.

this was the last weekend in the habits series and it was all about hearing how God has worked in the lives of our adult leaders. great encouragement.

for both hagg and karen, journaling is a huge part of marking off the journey. karen shared how the ACTS model of prayer is really useful. all the students got a journal to take home and try it on their own.


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