Sunday, October 26, 2008

weekly wrapup 10.26.08

Lesson Topic: the handwriting on the wall
Attendance: Average -missing some of our sr highers due to drama club production and a major biology project.
'Fun Factor': Parker teased us with a rendition of Amish Paradise as a reminder of the lip-synch contest coming up.
Volunteer Involvement: Excellent turn out by the adult leaders.
Music: veneration keeps pegging the needle! this week they took it up a notch with a new song on the play list from hillsong - desert song.
Lesson Quality: Above Average
Length of Lesson: 20 minutes
Student Response: there's a buzz that we're developing that is pretty cool. spent some time working on posters for the upcoming epiphany weekend at mohican juvenile. the band played desert song as a idea generator for the posters to be shared with the 25 young men.

we walked through the good and bad decisions of king belshazzar in Daniel 5:1-31. lots of buzz at the tables as the groups worked through a series of questions on the dis-embodied human hand that wrote on those palace walls. thought it was a nice errie story for the end of october. as a wrap up to the night the students were encouraged to think through what God was writing on their walls and how they saw Him working in their lives. on the front end of our time we watched a clip from the movie signs. the question asked: is it possible that there are no coincidences?

we ended the night with parker promoting the use of twitter as a tool for connecting us. you can follow us here...

we also announced a formation meeting for sr. high "evo groups" this coming wednesday @ 7pm @nhcc.

ht to chazzdaddy for the twitpic.

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