Monday, April 23, 2007

its not supposed to be like this...

tonite, 4.22.07 we walked through some things regarding the events of last week. spur by some great resources at ys i used a series of clips from the matrix to point to the reality that things are not as they seem. that we live in a world that has "pulled darkness" over our minds. we've been taught a lie about what each has to offer a disconnected and broken world. it was a pretty good discussion. there's a point right after neo meets morpheous for the first time (and before he chooses between the red and blue pill) where morpheous talks about how things are not right and we know it...we sense that there is a massive “splinter” running through all of reality ... and it is in the form of evil. we spent time praying and talking. we put on bandages to remind us of the wounding in our lives and especially those around us. we made posters to show our support to the students at VT. we will send them with the lead team as the visit the campus of VT this week, we prayed some more and thought about those that are outcast in our midst. and finally we realized how much brokeness there is in the world with the wars and unrest that covers the globe. it was good to go here.


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