Sunday, April 15, 2007

battlecry - detroit:there and back again

so we're back. left @ 3:45 pm on friday from l-town stopped twice to add to our numbers...a total of 21 students and 8 adults. got to ford field just in time to walk in and sit down. the final count in the house was 32, 500+. impressive. the bands were great. worship was sweet. great time of connection for all of us. had a chance to taste some great food from the greektown area. haggman had his first taste of baklava. some tried feta cheese. had dinner on saturday at wendy's on the north side (in the hood) where the counter folks were behind bulletproof glass. there's plenty of stories. so for our first serious road trip this year i think it went well. if you missed it....we missed you. stay tuned for our next adventure. click on the image above to see more pixs...if you went....leave a comment about your time there.


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