Wednesday, April 30, 2008

weekend wrap-up 04.27.08

this week was a little different as it was a road trip to mt vernon for the 5:10 showing of EXPELLED! Never quite know who and how many, but we ended up with 54 - 45 youth and 9 young at heart. road trips are always fun. once we arrived i went in to purchase the tickets en mass which almost caused the attendant to pass want HOW many? guess they don't do many group showings. and it took them awhile on how to figure out how print the discounted tickets. but they got it done... ( we may go back and give them more excitement when prince caspian debuts on the 16th!)
the movie was very good. i wasn't sure how it would play out being a documentary but the students seemed to enjoy it. the adults thot it was very good too. the conversation on the way home was mostly centered around the world view of an evolutionist versus that of a creationist or at least having a belief in intelligent design. I'd give the movie a A- minus. one of ben's interviews was with a professor who, dying of a brain tumor, suggested that this life is all there is. very sad.


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